Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dot Com Crash - Here we go again?

In previous posts I have shared some of my past experiences including my very rough ride through the 1990s dot com rise and fall. While it was a bit painful at the time I wouldn't trade this experience in for anything as it helped me shape who I am today and the philosophy I use when working with clients. I was inspired to write this post by another awesome blogger who publishes a blog called The Digerati Life.

There is a quote by Robert Penn Warren...

"Those who don't remember history are condemned to repeat it."

I believe this to be so true. In the 90s we had a dot com bubble that eventually popped after that or even during that we had a real estate bubble that has now popped. What is it about Americans and our love of bubbles! It seems we are always looking for a fast and easy buck, but it seems only the first ones in the bubble ever make out and many of them end up losing because they get greedy and come back for more and end up losing it all. I can sympathize.

Anyway now that the real estate bubble has popped I am wondering if we are going back to technology to create a new bubble. I know I am going to do my best to educate my clients not to do this, but as Robert Penn Warren's quote tells us...know your history. For those thinking of the next Internet gold rush here is a video, which I originally saw on The Digerati Life blog...

While the video is funny it rings with an element of truth. Learn your history when it comes to the Internet it just may save you from some stupid choices down the road. However if you don't learn it, the good news is that you can come and hire me to clean up the mess and I will make a pile money! I have decided this time around instead of jumping in the actual Internet gold rush I will just sell the rest of you picks and shovels :)